Black Tea Taste, How Sweet It Is!

Black tea taste can be sweet, bitter, earthy, malty, peppery, smoky, spicy, floral…well you get the idea. I do go over taste covering the different varieties on their focused pages, but figured I’d combine it all here as well for more detailed viewing.

Now, black tea flavor depends on what variety you are brewing from.

As mentioned on the other pages about black tea, this tea type comes from 3 main countries. They are India (the largest producer), Sri Lanka, and China. There are others as well, but we’ll stick with the most common.

The Assam varieties are smooth rich and malty. The Assam “tippy” teas are even sweeter and make a great afternoon or morning tea that goes well with sweet foods.

Darjeeling teas which are known as the “champange of tea” are really a black tea (or tea for that matter) in its own class. The taste is very good…sweet and spicy with a cool aftertaste. The aroma is delightful and the brew light green. Definitely a tea every loose leaf tea drinker should experience.

Ceylon tea from Sri Lanka is also a very good tasting tea. Sometimes blended with Assam varieties to make types like “Irish Breakfast”, this tea produces a dark red liquor that is bold, full-bodied, and earthy in taste. A splash of milk changes the texture and is the perfect replacement for folks looking for a break from coffee.

Black tea taste can also be strong, bitter, and smoky too as you can find out with the Chinese varieties such as Keemun, Yunnan, and Lapsang souchong. Although I haven’t had enough of these varieties to give an honest opinion at this time, some of them look really tempting and I look forward to trying them.

They sound like they may take some getting used to as some are traditionally smoked and infused with oil. But I’m sure after a few cups my palate will open up. And if not, there’s always the saying “not my cup of tea”…literally!

As mentioned on the other pages about taste, the only way to extract the best black tea flavor is to brew it from the whole loose leaves and avoid buying tea bags. Infusing tea is fun and is the best way to obtain the most it has to offer.

Black tea taste can be wonderful, so long as you brew it the true way it was meant to be enjoyed!

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