Red Rose Tea

Red Rose tea, like Lipton and Tetley tea, is a fairly large tea brand that sells their teas in bags, and like Lipton and Tetley, they offer several varieties of tea.

If I ran out of loose leaf tea and had to brew my tea by the average bag, I would chose Red Rose out of the three mentioned.

There seems to be more quality in the cup, not so bad for a tea brewed by bag! The flavor is smooth and malty with a wee bit of sweetness and very little bitter notes usually found with most tea bag teas.

However it is still a far cry from a loose leaf tea brewed cup! No tea bag can match that!

Red Rose tea sells several common varieties with “orange pekoe” grade black tea as one of them. This is the tea I’m referring to above as well.

They use a blend of Ceylon, Indonesian, Kenya, and Indian black teas. This they state produces a full flavored cup that keeps a consistent taste.

The Red Rose company started in 1894 by a man named Theodore Harding Estabrooks in Canada. Mr. Estabrooks had the business idea of combining quality blended teas that would keep a consistent flavor.

In 1932, he sold his company to Arthur Brooke in England, founder of the Brooke Bond Company of England, which held this tea outfit up to the year 1985 where it was then acquired by Unilever NV. Shortly after that, in 1988, it received the Red Rose name as it was sold to Redco Foods, Inc.

Now besides regular tea bag black tea, Red Rose tea also offers decaffeinated teas along with English Breakfast, Early Grey, and even loose leaf as well.

So if you can’t get your hands on some loose leaf tea right away, yet want the best from the average bag…give Red Rose a try.

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