Silver Needle White Tea

  • Silver Needle White TeaTea Type: White
  • Temperature: 175 – 185 Degrees
  • Steeping Time: 3 to 5 Minutes
  • Liquor Color: Light
  • Flavor Notes: *Clean, Mild & Slightly Sweet

Product of Adagio Teas

Ever wonder what true tea would taste like? Well sipping a cup of Silver Needle White tea would give you just that experience.

I say “true” tea since this delicate variety is probably the least processed, oxidized, and/or cooked of all the other hundreds of varieties of tea, and stays preserved in an almost natural state. It is simply picked from the bush in early spring as young unopened buds, steamed, and let to dry in the sun.

The result is a flavor that has a clean and mildly sweet taste along with a pleasing airy scent. Its only downfall is that it gets old fast which would then give a sort of dry, almost fuzzy taste in your cup. So be sure and enjoy this tea within 4 to 6 months of purchase.

The needle-like leaves have tiny silvery fuzzy hairs covering them which of course earned it its name Silver Needle. They even feel soft and fuzzy in your hand!

Adagio Teas offers a fine variety of this tea, and if prepared correctly will yield a cup full of enjoyment!

Brew carefully! Bring water to a steaming point (NOT BOILING) as you would with other white varieties, and steep for about 3 minutes. For a stronger cup, give it about five minutes. I feel that the 7 minute brewing time instructed on the tin is too long.

Let it cool down for a bit and enjoy plain or with a drop of honey to really give it some sweeter character…but I stress only a drop!

Originating from China, Adagio’s variety of silver needle white tea is cultivated in the Fujian Province, a well known tea producing location. As mentioned above, this tea is collected only in the first few days of early spring, usually in the morning before the sun rises, and is processed with the absence of firing. Due to its delicate nature, the processing is governed under strict requirements so as to maintain a quality product.

So although there may be other varieties of white tea to select from, it would be challenging indeed to discover a variety as exquisite as Silver Needle.

It also has many powerful cancer-fighting antioxidants and flavanoids in each cup. Perhaps some of the strongest nature has to offer us too.

Silver Needle White Tea – Available at Adagio Teas